Top 5 Adam Levine Underwear Moments

Adam Levine, star of NBC’s The Voice and lead singer of Maroon 5, has won us over here at The Underwear Expert. As a special tribute to the talented musician, we’re listing off the top five Adam Levine underwear moments. Check them out below:

5. This Love

It would be hard not to start this list off at the beginning. The fifth best Adam Levine underwear moment has to be the music video that started it all: This Love. This song, along with She Will Be Loved, is usually credited with launching Maroon 5 to fame and popularity, but we think the steamy music video in which Levine and his then-girlfriend getting physical had a lot to do with it too. For many viewers, This Love was their first introduction to Maroon 5 and to Adam Levine in underwear.

4. Adam Levine in Calvin Klein Underwear

The fourth best Adam Levine underwear moment is when everyone saw that he looks good in underwear outside of music video perfection. Now a tattooed star, Adam Levine wears Calvin Klein Underwear with enough charm to win anyone over.

3. Every other Adam Levine Underwear Sighting

Ok, let’s be honest. The guy likes to show a little underwear. It seems like every other week we catch a glimpse of what’s going on in his pants. We’re grouping them all into one and making the third best Adam Levine underwear moment “all the other sightings.” Here he is below, wearing Calvin Klein Underwear again.

2. Adam Levine’s Singing Underwear on Ellen

The second greatest Adam Levine underwear moment is that time he went on Ellen and Degeneres presented him with underwear that sings his songs (if you press it just right). Check out the video below:

1. Adam Levine Announces that He Loves Underwear

The number one Adam Levine underwear moment has to be the time he said “I love to wear underwear!” on Access Hollywood. After that beautiful moment, we were hooked. There was no going back. After all, any friend of underwear is a friend of ours.

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Photo Credit: Maroon 5, Celeb Undies, Ellen


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