Top 5 Justin Bieber Underwear Sightings

Admit it. Some of us are totally heartbroken over the tragic Justin Bieber – Selena Gomez breakup. To see young love shattered before our eyes (and so close to the holidays!) is enough to make anyone a cynic. Here at The Underwear Expert, we believe the best way to heal deep emotional wounds is underwear, so we’re bringing you just the thing to cheer you up: The top 5 Justin Bieber underwear sightings of all time.

5. Bieber wears Polo Ralph Lauren underwear at a concert.

Justin Bieber isn’t a shy guy. There are entire blogs dedicated solely to Justin Bieber underwear sightings. He loves to let his pants sag low at concerts, at the beach or even just when he’s walking around in public. Sure, he might just want attention, but the man has good taste. Polo Ralph Lauren boxer briefs? Nice.

4. That Justin Bieber poster on your little sister’s wall.

Young master Bieber has been decorating the walls of teenage girls for quite a long time. Here he is showing off his boxers to let the girls know that he’s a little bit a of a bad boy. Attention mothers: this man is now single and legal. Guard your daughters.

3. Justin Bieber tweets an underwear pic.

J Biebs has more Twitter followers than, like, anyone. His army of fans is a hungry bunch, craving any bit of Bieber information they can get their eyes on. This is a recent photo that Justin tweeted of himself wearing Calvin Klein Underwear. He image came with the warning, “get ready #watchout.” Indeed.

2. Justin Bieber Wango Tango in California.

Another concert, another Justin Bieber underwear sighting. This time an entire gallery of underwear pics was taken, all against the backdrop of his screaming fans. Look at the faces of the girls in the front row. They’ve seen the light. They believe. It’s almost inspirational.

1. King Bieber pleases his loyal subjects.

We had to make this photo number one in our list of the top 5 Justin Bieber underwear sightings just because it’s probably the most gratuitous. Or is it the most epic? You decide. As fans screamed below, Justin turned around and flashed his undies at his followers during a taping of the Spanish television program, El Hormiguero. He’s confident, maybe even cocky, but why wouldn’t he be? He’s on top of the world. Even if Selena Gomez broke his heart, there’s no way she could break his spirit.

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Photo Credit: Hollywood Life, Socialite Life


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