The Naked Cowboy’s Cast His Vote

With Election Day right around the corner this Tuesday, the Naked Cowboy’s cast his vote! Times Square’s cowboy underwear icon, Robert Burck, has endorsed Mitt Romney as his pick for President. What’s best? His underwear says it all!

“I believe in limited government, I am by nature an entrepreneur and a small businessman, and I’ve been very successful with that. All the things that are conservative, I am by nature. And I see this country as going kind of in the opposite direction of that.”

Seeing as all that political talk is way too much to fit on a pair of tiny white briefs, the naked cowboy summed it all up with the name “Romney” printed across his backside! A little more fun than the Mormon’s Secret Sacred Underwear, don’t you think?

Whether you agree with the Naked Cowboy or not, make sure you vote on Tuesday, November 6th.



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