Style Network’s Handymen Models

Mike Keute Image

Style Network is making moves that are catching our interest. This January, a new show called “Built” is coming to television with a pretty great idea: follow around a team of handymen models as they work on contracts. The Style Network docu-series tracks a company called HottandHandy, which advertises sexy employees who do everything from build furniture to clean pools. HottandHandy has branches in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. The company was founded by Shane Duffy and Ana Gallegos.

The 10 episode show will focus on the New York branch of HottandHandy featuring handymen models Sandy Dias, Gage Cass, Donny Ware and Mike Keute – plus the co-founder of HottandHandy, Shane Duffy. An Operation Enduring Freedom veteren, Duffy has enjoyed modeling success as a Marlboro Man. The team will be assisted by interior designer Kim Gieske. Executive producers include Karen Young, Sarah Weidman, Alex Duda, Carrie Franklin and Merah Chung.

Ready to watch and maybe even learn something about working around the house? “Built” is coming to the Style Network on January 28th at 9pm.

To find out more about each of the handymen coming to a TV near you, check out the gallery below for their details and backstories.

Photo Credit: HotandHandy, Gage Cass, New York Post



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