Ask the Expert: Reasons for Saggy Underwear

Danny from Michigan: I have a problem with how my underwear fits after I wear it all day. When I put it on, it fits fine, but after a few hours, it gets all saggy, especially in the pouch area. I can’t change my underwear midday, so I need something that lasts. My favorite is the 2(X)IST Military Trunk–I love the way it fits, but I just wish that the fit would last. Help! What are the possible reasons for saggy underwear in my drawer?

The Underwear Expert: When your britches end up being too big for you, it could definitely be a symptom of bad fabric or construction, but it’s most likely either a bad fit (wrong size) or that you’re washing your undies wrong (especially if they start out fitting great, and then lose shape).

Let’s start with size before moving on to other reasons for saggy underwear. One of the most common underwear maladies among men’s underwear is wearing a size too big. Say you’re a size medium–a large will fit fine right after it’s been washed because the weave of the fabric is tight, but after a few hours of moving around and being warmed up by body heat, the fabric loses its tautness and begins to sag.

Speaking of washing, those care labels are there for a reason. Sure it’s easier to just throw everything into the dryer, but an hour in the desert hot heat will suck the life out of any fabric. Since the 2(X)IST Military Trunk you love are made with spandex, the heat breaks down the integrity of the spandex, so it loses its stretch and resiliency after just a few wash and dry cycles. Our advice is to wash in warm water and air dry. It takes a little extra time, but think of how much longer your underwear will last, not to mention how great it will look.

Another option to consider is maybe your lifestyle is taking a more intense toll on your underwear than you realize. If your occupation requires an extraordinarily high level of movement and activity, like a personal trainer or yoga instructor, maybe you’re just taking your underwear past its stretch limits. In that case, try another fabric, like microfiber, a super stretchy synthetic fabric that always retains its shape. It’s virtually stretch out-proof. The 2(X)IST Touch Range features the same brief and trunk silhouettes as the Military collection, but is made from a super soft microfiber that feels amazing against your skin. The Calvin Klein Underwear CK Bold Micro Low Rise Trunk comes in a spectrum of colors, and is made from a sleek microfiber as well. If you want a sportier look, Mundo Unico makes a variety of trunks in microfiber with a slight sheen that has an athletic look, and they feel light as air on so you’ll always be comfortable.

For more information on these brands: 2xist, Calvin Klein Underwear, Unico

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