Pump’s Boom Boxer Brief

Pump Boom Boxer Brief IMAGE

Pump Boom Boxer BriefThe Underwear Expert Opinion: Pump’s Boom boxer brief rocks out with the style of an action-packed superhero, sporting an awesome comic-book style design with striking  superhero colors. The design of this boxer brief not only looks great but feels great too. With it’s awesome comic style graphics on the front and back, Pump’s Boom boxer brief gives a super look and a super fit.

The Design: The design of Pump’s Boom boxer brief looks like it came straight out of a comic book with its vibrant yellow, red, black and white design. The boxer brief also features two awesome popping explosion graphics: one on the front to the left of the pouch, and one on the backside with “BOOM!!” right in the middle of the graphic. However, the cool graphics don’t stop there. As part of Pump’s trademark, their awesome “PUMP!” logo appears both on the front of the stylish black waistband, and is off-centered on the back of the boxer brief as well. This brief shows off great design, and it looks great.

The Fit: Pump’s Boom boxer brief looks action-packed and totally rocking, but you can rest assured the fit will keep you feeling much more comfortable and secure. The boxer brief’s form-complementing style fits so well, you could make it into a superhero costume on it’s own. This boxer brief feels great for everyday wear or for a fun night out, with such great support you could even wear it for a work out. With such a great, comfortable and supportive fit, Pump’s Boom boxer brief will keep you feeling like a regular superhero… just don’t try anything too crazy.

The Basics:
STYLE: Boxer Brief
BOTTOMS: Boxer Brief
COLORS: Multi-Colored
FUNCTION: Going Out, Everyday, Workout
FIT: True to Size
FABRIC: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex

The Man
WAIST: 32”
WORN: Medium, Pump Boom Boxer Brief, Multi-Colored

For more information on this brand: Pump


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