Organize Your Underwear Drawer: 5 Tips

There’s nothing cool about a messy underwear drawer. You can never find what you want, they jam up, and because of our tendency to just throw newly-folded pairs in the front, we end up wearing the same few pairs over and over. In many ways, a guy’s underwear drawer is like his fridge. Though most of the stuff inside is good, there are definitely things that sit in there with a past expiration date for way too long.

It’s time to bring some order to the chaos of an underwear drawer, and it’s easier than you think. Roll up your sleeves and follow our 5 easy tips to successfully organize your underwear drawer.

1. Get Rid of the Old Stuff

The number one reason for underwear drawer clutter is simply having too much of it. But if you take a good look at your collection, chances are you’d see a few pairs you keep “meaning to throw away” but never get around to, as well as a pair or two you hold onto for sentimental value. Either way, these unnecessary pairs of underwear are taking up valuable space in your drawer, and they’ve got to go.

First, move anything with sentimental value to a memory box or mount a photo of the item in a scrapbook. Then subject each remaining pair to our trifecta of questions to decide if it stays or if it goes. Ask yourself:

1) Have I worn it in the last three months? If the answer is “yes,” move ahead to questions 2 and 3. If the answer is “no,” toss it out.
2) Is the elastic on the waist frilly?
3) Are there any holes?

If you answered questions 2 and 3 and said “yes,” discard the pair in question and go out and get some new undies to replace them!

2. Arrange by Style

If your underwear collection is comprised of many different styles, it’s a good idea to group them together by style so you are always ready for whatever comes up. Put your everyday pairs at the front of the drawer so you can reach in and easily find a fresh pair in the morning. Group everything else behind it, like the special occasion stuff and performance underwear.

Of course, just placing stacks of folded underwear in a certain order won’t ensure they stay that way for long, so we recommend installing some drawer organizers to partition off the inside of the drawer, making it easier to keep your stuff in place. Here, things can get really creative. You can go fancy with a store-bought version, like The Container Store’s Cedar Adjustable Drawer Organizer, which features a partition you can move around inside the drawer to create the ideal size space (it smells like cedar for an extra burst of in-drawer freshness, too). If you want to keep things thrifty, round up a few differently sized boxes and arrange them inside the drawer to create separate compartments.

3. Arrange by Color

If your underwear collection is heavy on the color variety, organize your underwear drawer by color. How you group the colors is up to you, but be creative!

4. Fold!

Since wrinkly underwear falls at the end of the “stuff you care about everyday” list, most people put very little consideration into how they fold their underwear when they organize their underwear drawer, if they organize it at all. Fold your underwear so that the front of the waistband is visible, allowing you to grab it easily when you go to get dressed in the morning.

5. Scent it Up

This is more of an aesthetic thing, but infusing your underwear drawer with a little essence of something sexy saves you an extra spray on date night and gives you a daily dose of freshness you’ll definitely appreciate. You can go the fancy way with a store-bought scent sachet, like L’Occitane’s Verbena Perfumed Sachet, that douses your drawer in a burst of lemony, masculine goodness. Just place the sachet toward the back of your drawer and allow the fragrance to gently waft its way around. You can also take the DIY route and save yourself some cash by spraying some tissue paper with your favorite cologne and lay it at the bottom of your drawer. Change every few weeks to keep the scent fresh and potent.

Honorable mention:

Aside from mastering the art of how to organize your underwear drawer, this is a tip that will keep the underwear in your newly-organized drawer in tip top condition. When laundry day comes, be sure to sort your underwear by more than just color. Certain fabrics require different wash and care methods than others, so make sure you sort by the type of cycle you’re going to wash them in. Consult The Underwear Expert’s Underwear 101 Guide to Proper Underwear Washing Instructions.

Photo Credit: American Apparel, The Underwear Expert


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  1. beckie says:

    Was searching for an article to give me ideas of different ways to actually fold panties, thongs in particular. I have been folding/sorting my panties for as long as i can remember. I sort them mainly by ‘regular’ and ‘thongs’. Then i break the ‘regular’ panties down into smaller categories such as ‘bikini’, hiphuggers’, ‘boyshorts’, ‘cheeky’, ‘lace’ and ‘lace top’, ‘silky’, and then ‘everything that doesnt fit into the other catagories’. I fold all my ‘regular’ panties by laying them flat then folding the right side over to about the middle, then fold the left side over until it is flush, and finally folding it lengthwise/in half so im left with a square. So, i have that part taken care of. But i have yet to find a good way to fold/store my thongs, as of now they are just thrown on one designated side of my drawer. They are organized my style/cut/material (string in front, then a row with the lace backs and all lace, then a row with all my silky and ‘special’ thongs), but even though i do this they still get very wrinkled- esp. the silky ones- and i hate that!

    Does anyone know of a good way to fold/organize thong style panties? Thank you!

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