Ohganix Debuts Eco-Friendly Fall Collection

Ohganix Boxer Shorts White IMAGE

Ohganix releases its eco-friendly collection of men’s underwear in two different fabrics for the fall season. Currently available, the Ohganix fall collection includes boxer shorts, boxer briefs and muscle tank top—all priced at $60—that are made from either 94% hemp and 6% spandex or 94% micro-tencel—a fabric produced from Eucalyptus tree—and 6% spandex.

Ohganix is one of few brands producing hemp underwear. Hemp fibers are longer and stronger than cotton. Each hemp fiber is a foot long or greater, compared to two to four inches for the best cotton fibers. What’s more, hemp fibers are hollow like linen, which means that it breathes and cools as well as linen and better than cotton.

“Ohganix is a lifestyle company for men and women focused on creating health conscious, organic and intimate apparel as well as undergarments that are alluring and luxurious,” Michelle Kramer, president and designer of Ohganix, told The Underwear Expert.

“Made out of the finest organic and natural fabrics, our sustainable garments nurture the environment and contribute to the greater health of those who wear them. Our line is eco-friendly, irritation free and the softest thing you have every put on your skin.”

The brand’s underwear collection is free of chemicals, heavy metals, bleach and harmful dyes to ensure the garment offers a smooth, natural feel. “The naturally soft fibers in the fabrics feel like a second skin; so luxurious you will won’t want to take them off,” said Kramer. In addition to offering an organic, eco-friendly alternative to underwear, Ohganix presents ranges that are made in the United States, fair trade and sustainable.

The Ohganix fall collection is available in white and S-XL.

For more information about this brand: Ohganix

Boxer Shorts ($60)

Ohganix Boxer Shorts White

Boxer Briefs ($60)

 Ohganix Boxer Briefs T-shirt White

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