New Captain Shows Long Johns in Sao Paolo

New Captain Long Johns IMAGE

New Captain Long Johns FashionBrazilian underwear brand New Captain debuted its stylish new long johns during Sao Paolo Fashion Week. Available during the 2013 fall-winter season, the New Captain long johns were designed to be worn as outerwear. One of the trends of the season is men’s long johns worn as outerwear, as observed by The Underwear Expert.

The New Captain long johns are made from black velvet, a fabric known for being comfortable and adding a noble look to long johns. The long underwear underwent a deep finalization process, covering waistlines and creating invisible seams, making the inside marks unnoticeable. Using tailoring techniques, the brand is attempting to raise the underwear status of long johns as a symbol of comfort and elegance.

João Pimenta, who has his own menswear brand in Brazil, hosted the event and praised New Captain for its innovative long underwear. “Creating optional pieces for men is the main purpose of João Pimenta and what makes us close to New Captain, other than putting comfort and good quality working together,” Pimenta, said in a press release.

For more information about this brand: New Captain

New Captain Long Johns

Photo Credit: Runway Show – FFW



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