Men’s Long Johns as Outerwear

One of the biggest stand-out trends of this season is men’s long johns as outerwear. Originally sparked by New York City based brand Nasty Pig, the trend is equal parts fresh and common sense. “All the downtown Manhattan hotties we know are working the men’s long johns as outerwear,” Dave Hughes, vice president of marketing for Nasty Pig, told The Underwear Expert. “It’s a perfect transitional look for cool kids as the fall days get crisp.”

You can throw them on under pants, of course, and should when it starts to get really cold, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. For a truly authentic fall and early winter look, layer them under a pair of your favorite tweed shorts, or layer a quarter or half-length long john over a full length pair for a tapered and visually striking effect. Toss on a pair with a loose crotch for a dramatic effect, pair them with your favorite winter boots, and throw on your favorite coat for a truly unique winter look. The options are endless when you use men’s long johns as a staple, and as we said above, truly unique.

Check out this exclusive photo shoot shot for The Underwear Expert by photographer Aydin Arjomand in which Ford model Bernardo Arriagada (who you may have recently seen in the Macy’s Black Friday commercial) along with Blake Tysinger and Cory Stewart show you just how to wear your men’s long johns as outerwear.

Long Johns in this series:

Saxx Black Sheep Collection, Steel Heather ($79.95)
Frank Dandy Calavares Collection, White ($59)
C-IN2 Prime Long Underwear, Cold Blood Red ($50)
N2N Campfire Thermal Mid-John, White ($30)
Nasty Pig Long John, White and Black ($39)
ES Collection Chess Long John, Blue ($87.50)
Emporio Armani Basic Stretch Cotton Legging, Black ($54)
David Beckham by H&M Long John, Black ($52)
Pull-In Snow Underwear Pant Homme Batman ($58.99)

Also Shown:

C-IN2 Grip Jockstrap, White ($24)

Photos: Aydin Arjomand Exclusively for The Underwear Expert
Stylist: Shandi Alexander
Make-up: Lysette Drumgold
Additional Men’s Grooming: Boswell Scot

For more information about these brands: SAXX, Frank Dandy, N2N, Nasty Pig, ES Collection, Emporio Armani, David Beckham by H&M, Pull-In


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