Matt Bomer’s Magic Mike Scene

One of the best parts about a movie coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray is all the cool bonus features that come with it, and for Magic Mike these features are a plenty. Our favorite is a strip scene Matt Bomer! In Matt Bomer’s Magic Mike scene, viewers will see Bomer as Barbie’s Ken Doll. There’s only one twist: he ends up in a thong!

With the release of the Magic Mike Blu-Ray Combo Pack, the studio is serving up the all the hot strip scenes that didn’t quite make it in to the movie. In Matt Bomer’s Magic Mike scene, we see his character as America’s most perfect male specimen: Barbie’s Ken Doll. Truth is, Matt Bomer starts as a classic Ken doll, sporting white golf shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and tied around sweater–by the end of the scene, of course, he sports nothing but a tiny orange thong. If this bonus scene doesn’t sell the movie, what else will? We’re not too sure if Barbie would approve, but we sure do!

What do you think? Check out the pics of Matt Bomer’s Magic Mike scene below!



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