Justin Bieber Wearing Boxer Briefs

If there was a celebrity award for underwear pride, we here at The Underwear Expert would probably be awarding it to Justin Bieber this month! Underwear lovers and crazed teenage fans found more to love in the recently single pop singer with a new picture of Justin Bieber wearing boxer briefs, which he posted on Twitter and Instagram this Saturday.

The tweet read simply, “Back in the gym,” and was accompanied by the below picture of the tatted Justin Bieber wearing boxer briefs. Perhaps some Thanksgiving festivities left Justin feeling out of shape? That certainly didn’t stop him from showing off his undies!

After his underwear sighting earlier this month at a dance rehearsal, a second view of Justin Bieber wearing boxer briefs with honor just goes to show this pop star’s got some true underwear pride! And hey, we here at The Underwear Expert have no problem with that! The overalls he’s wearing over them, however… well that’s just a conversation for another day!

Check out the picture Justin Bieber wearing boxer briefs below and let us know what you think!


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