Jack Adams Old School 2.5 Jockstrap Release

Jack Adams Old School 2.0 Jockstrap IMAGE

Jack Adams updates the traditional jockstrap with its new Old School 2.5 Jockstrap ($30.95). Available late November, the Jack Adams Old School 2.5 Jockstrap comes in grey, royal blue and red.

“Improving an old school favorite is not an easy task,” Ron Miller, president of Jack Adams, said in a press release. “However, Jack Adams has managed to do just that by taking the classic athletic jockstrap design and making it perfect for today’s man.”

Ideal for athletic activities or erotic wear, the Jack Adams Old School 2.5 Jockstrap is made of 85% polyester, 10% rubber and 5% cotton. The pouch is knitted just like the original, but Jack Adams has taken comfort to the next level by making this pouch thick and extremely soft.

The wide waistband, which is a staple of the Old School Jockstrap, has been upgraded as well. The brand made it a full 2.5 inches and included a softness missing from the old school version. The rear straps have been widened giving even greater support along with a nice lift. Together, the wide waistband and rear straps provide a snug fit and durability. Plus, the stylish stripes further distinguish the jockstrap as a new and improved take on a classic design.

The Jack Adams Old School 2.5 Jockstrap  is available in S-XL.


For more information about this brand: Jack Adams



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