Frenchpaks Campaign in the Sun

Frenchpaks Campaign Image

If you haven’t heard about Frenchpaks until now, don’t feel bad. The brand is not yet well known outside of France. After seing this new Frenchpaks campaign, however, you might just have the urge to find out more.

As the name would suggest, Frenchpaks is decidedly French. Yes, that means it’s designed in Paris and marketed in France, but the connection goes even further. Frenchpaks are actually designed to fit French physiques best. In practice, this means that Frenchpaks underwear runs a little smaller than a lot of US brands.

The new Frenchpaks campaign is a sunny introduction to the company. It’s simple, but pleasant and cheerful. A diverse group of models shows off selections from Frenchpaks’ collections in various settings such as a beach, a swimming pool and a billiards table. We see the new Frenchpaks briefs and boxer briefs in several colors, some including contrast colored waistbands. The Frenchpaks logo is displayed on the front of every pair across the waistband with its stylish backwards “K” in a contrast color.

Even if you’re not French, you’ll want to take a look at this new brand. The Frenchpaks campaign is a friendly announcement of the brand’s simplicity, color and devotion to the French population.

For more information about this brand: Frenchpaks

Photo Credit: Frenchpaks


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