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Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for all the good things in your life, but it’s also all about the eating. Who doesn’t love gorging himself on plate after plate of comfort food? The aftermath of the gorge can spell (and smell) disaster: indigestion, bloating, gas and the overall icky feeling that your clothes are suddenly too small.

Here, we’ve put together a list of five pairs of the perfect Thanksgiving underwear guaranteed to make this year’s Thanksgiving dinner a pleasant and much more comfortable one.

Andrew Christian Almost Naked Sports Brief; ($27)
Undoing the top button of your trousers post-meal is only half the battle–there’s still the tight waistband of your underwear to think about. That’s where Andrew Christian’s Anti-Muffin Top Waistband comes in. Made from soft elastic, it keeps the brief up and in place without squeezing or constricting, keeping you muffin-top free and super comfy. An added bonus: the anatomically-correct pouch provides a roomy, natural fit for amazing comfort. It’s the ideal Thanksgiving underwear for endless days with awkward relatives.

Shreddies Flatulance Filtering Underwear; (£20.00)
Also known as “fart pants,” these briefs from Shreddies are a must-have for after-dinner freshness. They’re outfitted in the back with a hidden activated-carbon panel that neutralizes and absorbs flatulence odors. Originally developed to help those with embarrassingly bad flatulence problems, Shreddies work equally well to prevent embarrassing situations. Think of it as thanksgiving underwear that doesn’t make scents.

2(x)IST SHAPE:FORM Slimming Trunk; ($24)
Slip into these babies before sitting down to dinner and stop the bulge before it starts! An extra wide waistband attached to these comfy trunks keeps your waist in check, gently withholding any unsightly bulges from making you look like you overindulged. Wear them the entire time you’re home and make all your old friends jealous of your slim shape.

Gap Flannel Plaid Boxer Shorts; ($12.50)
Made from super soft brushed flannel, these boxer shorts from the Gap are festive, fun, and amazingly comfortable. While certain guys may find boxer shorts a little too bunchy for daytime wear, they make excellent sleep shorts and the loose fit is quite forgiving on the day of the big Thanksgiving day meal.

Naked Brief; ($35)
The best way to avoid the tight waistband woes is to forgo the waistband altogether, as in the case of the Naked Brief. They’re made from sleek, breathable microfiber that forms a smooth, flawless fit that’s imperceptible on your body, hence the name, and the lack of a waistband puts little to no pressure on your waistline for incredible comfort.

For more information on these brands: 2(x)IST, Andrew Christian, Gap, Naked, Shreddies

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