Chord Overstreet Underwear Sighting!

Fox’s Glee finally made its fourth season interesting (that’s not too harsh to say, is it?) by finally letting us see some more Chord Overstreet underwear! This wasn’t the first time the golden-haired star appeared in his underwear on the show, however, as last season he donned the infamous golden undies from Rocky Horror for the school musical. The show is taking a slightly different turn with their much needed Chord Overstreet underwear scene this time around though, as this time Chord is wearing a jockstrap… On his face…

We know what you’re thinking… Hang in there…

The Chord Overstreet Underwear scene takes place in the McKinley High locker room, and Chord wears the jockstrap in reference to the character “Bane” from this past Summer’s The Dark Knight Rises. He even does a great impression of the villain’s famous tone of voice. Once the scene’s online, we encourage you to check it out!

For now, check out the gallery below for pictures from the scene and let us know what you think!

Photo Credit: Fox’s Glee


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