[VIDEO] Behind the Scenes of Splatter

Readers of The Underwear Expert are probably familiar with Splatter, the paint-soaked series of Colby Melvin and Spencer Lane photos by Gabriel Gastelum. It was one of the most fun galleries we’ve had the privilege to bring you.

Now we’re proud to present a never-before-seen look at the making of the series from Hawk the World Productions. Behind the Scenes of Splatter is the video that brings you into the yard where Gabriel Gastelum shot those colorful images. You get to see the photographer at work and witness Colby Melvin and Spencer Lane’s many poses. Seeing Spencer dump paint all over Colby is great in a photo, but just wait until you see it happening behind the scenes!

It’s clear from the video that they had a great time being photographed, and who can blame them? We’re just glad we weren’t on the clean-up crew.

Like they are in the photo series, the models are wearing Andrew Christian jockstraps. Check out Behind the Scenes of Splatter below and let us know which shots were your favorite.


For more information about this brand: Andrew Christian

Video Credit: Hawk the World Productions


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  1. robert says:

    OK..so every guy on here is amazing and hot..if i looked as hot as these young studs..I would be running around like that as well..guess there that’s the guys you want to have painting the house..

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