2012 Political Underwear!

Election Day in the Unites States is this Tuesday. You’ve probably decided who you’re voting for or prefer, but the question now is: how strongly do you feel about your pick for prez? Strong enough to support them all the way down to your underwear? Anyone can wear a button this Tuesday, but that’s for beginners. We here at The Underwear Expert are all stripping down to our political skivvies to show our support for our candidate.

CafePress allows you to customize and buy your own clothes, accessories and household items, and recently released some nice options for your 2012 political underwear. All different kids of styles of political underwear are available including briefs, boxers, and even thongs that represent both candidates (both positively and negatively.) CafePress is even releasing data on the sales of the products in hopes to give buyers an idea as to which way the election will be leaning!

So far, Obama’s been selling tons more undies, according to The Huffington Post. The best selling style? The Obama thong!

Whether you want to “move forward” or “can’t afford four more,” there’s sure to be something for you in these 2012 political underwear picks! Check out the gallery below, and let us know if you’ll be sporting a pair of 2012 political underwear this Tuesday!

Photo Credit: CafePress


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