Vanwolff Swimwear Begins

Vanwolff Swimear Prey Brief Black

Vanwolff, a new Los-Angeles based underwear and swimwear brand, releases its first two collections of swimwear. Now available, Vanwolff Swimwear includes the Prey collection, which offers a stylish brief ($54.99) and trunk ($64.99), and the Essentials range, which presents the basic brief ($44.99) and trunk ($49.99).

Co-founded by Canadian designer Andrew Maxin, Vanwolff’s name was created from the designer’s native city, Vancouver, and the predatory imagery of a wolf. “We’ve taken cool concepts, graphics and themes and incorporated them into these swimsuits,” Maxin told The Underwear Expert.

Inspired by the complex beauty of skeletal forms, the brand’s premium line, Prey, offers unique X-ray images of a frog, snake, seahorse or octopus. Made from 80% polyester and 20% spandex, this limited edition range offers a low-rise cut and a smooth feel.

The Essentials range gives the basic brief and trunk a twist on detailing with unique cording. Presented in colors such as red, blue and white, the collection features branded cording with creative designs and captions.

After conceiving the design of Vanwolff Swimwear, Maxin wore a few samples during an all-inclusive Atlantis cruise last January and received positive feedback from fellow travelers. Maxin and his partner, Mark Waier, hosted a fashion show recently in West Hollywood, CA to showcase the new range. They plan to launch its first underwear collection in Spring 2013.

“We have a deep appreciation for swimwear and underwear and we’re really excited,” Waier, co-founder of Vanwolff, told The Underwear Expert.

Vanwolff Swimwear is available in XS-XL.

For more information about this brand: Vanwolff



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