Trend Report: Paint Splatter Underwear

The Underwear Expert‘s recent paint splatter shoot with Colby Melvin was more than just eye candy, it was an acknowledgement to the theme of paint splatter underwear. So far, we’ve seen this in two brands but who knows, maybe more will follow?

The brightly colored energy of paint splatter underwear is right in line with the ongoing trend of brightly colored and patterned men’s underwear, but instead of the usual selection of structured stripes, color-blocking and repeating prints, the design is obviously a little messier! Two top notch brands now offer stylin’ collections of paint splatter underwear. 2(x)IST’s paint splatter underwear collection takes a cue from a well-known painter that turned 20th century impressionist art into a big old messs, while Sly’s splattered selection goes for a more renegade approach, touching on the messy, but addictive sport of paintball. Check out the designs below, and let’s hope we see more of this fun and messy trend in the near future.

The 2(X)IST Splash collection goes all-out 80s, mixing up bright blobs of neon yellow, blue and pink paint. Inspired by the abstract paintings of artist Jackson Pollock, with the look of faded denim on the waistband, 2(X)IST’s Splash does it right. The range comes in a contour pouch brief ($24) and no-show trunk ($28), and is available in white, black and pink.

The Sly Splatter line takes a less artistic, more hardcore approach, sporting splatters of paint designed to look like they came from a paintball gun because, as the brand says, they were “designed for all the players out there.” The Sly Splatter collection comes in a boxer brief ($20) and a brief ($20), available in both black and white.

Is the paint splatter underwear look for you?

For more information about these brands: 2(X)IST, Sly

Photo credits: 2(X)IST, Sly


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