New Stud Bodywear Campaign

Stud Bodywear Campaign Image

Just in time for the crisp fall season, Stud has released its new advertising campaign. The Stud Bodywear campaign is a great glimpse of the brand’s recent offerings including brightly colored trunks and briefs with the “Wear it Proud” logo displayed prominently on the waistband.

Nir Zilberman, the representative for Stud at the MANTRENDS agency, said to The Underwear Expert that “Stud believes the contemporary man of today is multi-faceted; he is sporty, he is well traveled and worldly, cultured, refined, sexy, etc. Stud’s collections always try to take inspiration from these traits.”

It’s easy to see that multi-faceted approach in this campaign. The images show off sporty models in both athletic and passive poses. In one shot, a model holds a picture frame thoughtfully, while in another, he planks against a wooden staircase. The brand is aiming at being a part of both the physical and the mental portions of the modern man’s life.

While originally popular in Asia, Stud has branched out into London and the United States, having made its first push with its spring and summer lines earlier this year. The Malaysian based company is a welcome addition to the Western markets and we’re excited to see more of what it has to offer.

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