Private Structure Fall Campaign

Private Structure Fall Campaign Image

The new Private Structure fall campaign has caught our attention here at The Underwear Expert. The Malaysian brand claims to be “the solution” to the doldrums of unexciting underwear by being seductive, fashionable, and friendly. Private Structure is definitely showing off those qualities here in its fall campaign with young, attractive models of both genders jumping around in the brand’s autumn offerings.

The brand is aimed at a younger demographic that wants “confidence and love.” The models below actually do look like they enjoy each other’s company. It’s reminiscent of a United Colors of Benetton campaign in that the brand has chosen very young models of both genders who appear to truly get along.

It’s always an interesting move when a brand chooses to sell its underwear with notions of camaraderie over pure sexuality. Not that these photos are in any way lacking the latter. The boys get their hands all over the girls (and each other) in their mock fights and tussles.

What do you think of the Private Structure fall campaign? Is sex the only thing that really sells or does the brand reach for other motivations with its new ads?

For more information about this brand: Private Structure


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