New Colby Melvin Photos for A.C.

New Colby Melvin Photos Featured

Andrew Christian recently shared a new product series with us featuring Andrew Christian’s golden boy, Colby Melvin. In the photos you’ll see Colby wearing the brand’s Fall 2012 lines (check out the new Andrew Christian releases here). In these photos you’ll find Colby in front of the iconic Hollywood sign and photographed in several indoor settings for the brand’s campaign. Colby wears the Air Jock and Air Jock Pro, both featuring “Show-It Technology.” He also straps on various selections from the Almost Naked line and the Air Sculpt Gym Brief.

We’ve recently seen some other shots of Colby Melvin. Photographer Gabriel Gastelum photographed the Andrew Christian model in his Heatwave Cool Down. That series, with Brandon Robert Brown, plus these new Andrew Christian shots are making us even more excited for Gastelum’s upcoming Splatter series, in which Colby is joined by fellow model Cory Frederick and a whole lot of paint.

In the meantime, however, enjoy the great new Colby Melvin photos below. Everyone’s favorite Southern boy is looking right at home in Hollywood. With underwear like that, who wouldn’t be?

For more information about this brand: Andrew Christian

Photography by Shawn Adeli


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