Nasty Pig Fall 2012 Campaign

The new Nasty Pig fall 2012 campaign has been released just in time for the autumn weather. The editorial is officially titled “Technically Insane,” and it features models in an asylum setting worthy of a Batman film. The models wear inmate garb, muzzles and the new Nasty Pig fall releases as they endure their mental degradation. It’s a fun series that highlights the playfulness that the brand brings to late season.

Nasty Pig recently released its first pair of long johns, an introduction which is sure to become a fan favorite. Dave Hughes, vice president of marketing for Nasty Pig has suggested that people even wear the long underwear as outerwear. Given the transitional nature of the season, maybe that’s not such a bad idea.

Historically associated with fetishwear and sexualized campaigns, Nasty Pig continues to embrace a notable vision of men as swine. The company wants to avoid the negatives of that persona, however. David Lauterstein, the CEO of Nasty Pig, said, “You should own those parts of your sexuality, but you shouldn’t be an asshole. A guy can be cocky but that should stem from the fact that you’re a good person. That’s how we’ve built our following without any branding or advertising at all over the years.”

Have a look at the new Nasty Pig fall 2012 campaign below. Are you embracing your inner pig this fall?







For more information on this brand: Nasty Pig


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