Mormon’s Secret Sacred Underwear

With Republican candidate Mitt Romney heavily cast under the national spotlight, a new brand called Mormon’s Secret is positioned to turn a profit using the Governor and his wife’s likenesses.

The faux-sacred brand recently went viral after cropping the faces of Mitt Romney and his wife onto the bodies of models wearing Mormon’s Secret underwear. The models shown in some of the other advertising shots for the underwear, fortunately without the 65 year old former-governor’s face cropped onto them, try as hard as they can to make the underwear sexy, but really don’t hold a candle to the political duo. The advertising shots feature the models undressing seductively, causing an uproar as well as accusations of blasphemy from the more devout Mormon population.

Offering unauthentic religious Mormon undergarments, Mormon’s Secret is an obvious playoff of women’s underwear brand Victoria’s Secret, but a whole heck of a lot less sexy–the brand’s collection is simple, all-white, and covers any part of the body that could ever be considered sexy.

Though Mormon’s Secret underwear looks to be more of a fun passing political trend, we can’t help but give them credit for the brand and their campaign. What do you think?

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