Men’s Underwear September Releases

September is an exciting month in the world of men’s underwear. It’s when the top brands kick off the fall season with their top choices of dramatic colors, creative prints and comfy fabric blends.

Sure enough to whet your appetite, we noticed several bold, fashion-forward trends in men’s underwear for the fall season. This season’s crop featured the latest advancements in fabric techniques to achieve a highly original look. Several brands nailed the color blocking technique, in which various fabrics are sewn together to create a vibrant color combination. One brand, meanwhile, perfected the way it washes away color from the fabric to achieve a faded, vintage look. And that was just the beginning of vintage style for men’s underwear. At least one brand embraced its native Californian roots of the ’70s while others celebrated the nostalgia of the ’80s with the look of randomly splattered paint.

But, perhaps, the biggest splash of the fall season wasn’t even men’s underwear. It was the introduction of the first-ever swimwear singlet. Check out this bold, new concept and some of the best color updates and original designs. Let us know which is your favorite?

For more information about these brands: 2(X)IST, 2EROS, AussieBum, Baskit, Calvin Klein Underwear, C-IN2, McKillop, Nasty Pig, Papi, Rufskin, Saxx and Timoteo.


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