Lupo Slip Briefs Come to USA

Lupo Slip Brief Black IMAGE

Lupo, a Brazilian-based brand, introduces its new fall collection of briefs which are retailed under $25. Currently available, the Lupo slip briefs feature a sexy low-rise cut and classic colors.

Widely popular in Brazil, the Lupo slip briefs are “the most classic of our styles,” Malcolm Finlayson, a North American representative for Lupo, told The Underwear Expert. “This collection is an ongoing genesis of Brazilian style and it’s one of my favorites.”

The Lupo slip briefs feature a wide variety of fabric blends such as cotton and microfiber to achieve an ultra soft feel and body defining fit. The range also features classic colors such as red, blue, green, grey and white.

“We apply a Brazilian approach to all of our designs,” Finlayson added. “We like vibrant colors. Brazilians love color because they are always outdoors. We are bringing you the best from Brazil.”

A household name in Brazil, Lupo is now expanding its presence to the rest of the world, including North America. The brand was founded 90 years ago as a sock company but expanded in ensuing years to incorporate all apparel including men’s underwear.

The Lupo slip briefs are available in S-XL.

For more information about this brand: Lupo

Lupo Slip Brief Grey

Lupo slip brief white

Lupo Slip Brief black

 Photo Credit: Lupo North America


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