Izaak Love Interview: Acting Up

You might recognize this 22-year-old Sydney native from the Technicolor fantasy produced by Oscar Franks and photographed by James Demitri (a teaser from the series is below). Regardless of whether you’ve seen the pics, or heard of Love before, it’s time you tune in. The model is a natural in front of the camera. Love, an Australian raised Cypriot (Greek), stands tall at 5’10’ and is as sweet as they come. He’s a talented model, but his eyes are set on the silver screen, as his true passion lies in the art of acting. We catch up with the model in this exclusive interview and get insight into his decision to pursue acting instead of modeling and what the two professions have in common. Don’t worry, we get to the good stuff, too, like how he keeps up his Adonis abs and something we’d never know by looking at him. Check out this exclusive Izaak Love interview and photo gallery, and keep an eye out for this guy.

The Underwear Expert: Izaak, you’ve shot for a bunch of different magazines like Dolly, Yen, and Tangent. What was your favorite photo shoot?

Izaak: My favorite photo shoot would have been “All Day I Dream About Sex” for Tangent magazine, shot by Elvis Di Fazio. We shot in an older style mansion in Point Viper, an eastern suburb of sydney.

The Underwear Expert: And if you had to pick one magazine to shoot for again, which would it be? And why?

Izaak: Instead of a magazine, I would have to cheat and say a calendar shoot I did Peter Alexander. It raised money for dogs without a home. I would love to be part of something like that again.

The Underwear Expert: That is still a good answer! You mentioned previously that you now plan to center your career around acting. What sparked that?

Izaak: Acting has always been my main passion and focus I have always done my modeling work on the side. The agency I was with worked together with and acting agent so I had castings for both acting and modeling.

The Underwear Expert: And how has the acting been going?

Izaak: It’s going well! I have been slowly building a resume and gaining some experience with student short films and theatre work and I am studying acting part-time.

The Underwear Expert: Very cool, so what kind of acting are you looking to do? Movies? TV? Short films?

Izaak: Films eventually, I obviously have to earn that privilege, so short films, theatre and tv work until then. I am a massive lover of cinema!

Check out these awesome photos of Izaak and read more about the Aussie model below. Photos are from Byron Spencer’s Izaak Wears Ksubi, Elvis Di Fazio’s Izaak on the Blog and we have some exclusive photos from photographer James Dimitri as well.

The Underwear Expert: Would you say your modeling trained you as an actor in any way?

Izaak: When we actually film a campaign or small video for a shoot it definitely helps train me.

The Underwear Expert: And what would you say is the main difference between modeling and acting?

Izaak: Unless in a shoot you are being filmed as well, there are not many similarities between the two.

The Underwear Expert: What’s your favorite brand of underwear and why?

Izaak: I have always loved Calvin Klein. Since shooting for Oskar Franks, I really like them, too. Both brands are stylish and comfortable.

The Underwear Expert: And what’s your favorite style and why?

Izaak: I like briefs and hipsters, both feel comfortable and look nice.

The Underwear Expert: So, modeling and acting might require different skills, but which is more fun?

Izaak: For me film has to come first, I truly love it!

The Underwear Expert: We also heard you’ve worked as a personal trainer for the last five years. How was that?

Izaak: Yeah, I have really enjoyed it and it has kept me fit. I want to change my main focus towards acting now, though.

The Underwear Expert: Could you give our readers any tips for getting rock hard abs like yours?

Izaak: I strongly believe that a healthy diet mixed with regular exercise keeps you in good shape!

The Underwear Expert: Besides fitness, acting or modeling, what is something you love to do?

Izaak: Going to the movies or going to a nice café and enjoying a good coffee.

The Underwear Expert: And what’s something juicy we might not know about you by looking at you?

Izaak: I am a very complex individual… ha!

The Underwear Expert: Thanks so much for your time with us! Any last words of wisdom for our readers?

Izaak: The privilege is all mine, it has been great. No wise words, just thank you for reading and supporting my work!



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