Top 10 Halloween Costumes with Underwear

A lot of you all got your Halloween on over the weekend, but Halloween proper is today. If you’re looking to participate in the festivities, but don’t wanna dive too deep into your costume drawer (you do have a costumer drawer, don’t you?), check out these Halloween costumes with underwear that’ll give you a complete costume with minimal work (and other clothing).

Embrace your wild side with a loin-cloth based Tarzan costume. Hurricane Sandy took down tons of trees, but if you’re on the East Coast we’re sure there are at least a few more for you to climb on. Looking for Halloween costumes with underwear that are a little more gimmicky? Why not throw on a bandana with your favorite themed skivvies and be a rodeo clown! Or maybe Wonder Woman??

Check out our Top 10 Halloween Costumes with Underwear below. Which will you be slipping into tomorrow?


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