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Ever fantasize about walking out of your home in your underwear? All Hallows’ Eve is the best holiday of the year to lose your inhibitions, be whoever you’ve always wanted to be and live out your wildest fantasies. Our top Halloween costume ideas offer you the best choices for all you Halloweenies who prefer to dress down than dress up for the holiday.

Just in time for October 31, some underwear brands have released limited edition collections with unique prints, bold colors and original stripes. Calvin Klein Underwear, for example, presents a limited edition range that showcases X-Ray prints of skulls or skeletal hands. Other brands attempt to capture the imagination of the young—and the young at heart—with superhero inspired underwear. And for pairing your underwear with the right accessories, Candyman is the go-to brand for finding underwear that already comes with a sexy ensemble such as a cape or handcuffs.

With the right underwear and creative accessories, you can become a sexy cowboy, bandit or superhero. Check out our Halloween costume ideas and wear your favorite underwear with the right accessories, and you might just get an unexpected treat–or trick.

Candyman’s Sailor Outfit ($42)
93% Polyester, 7% Spandex; Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? This outfit’s boxer brief provides a sexy naval look with blue and white horizontal stripes and a red vertical line on the middle of the pouch. It also features a stamped rudder in the bottom of the right leg. The outfit includes a sailor’s hat and matching scarf. S-XL.

 Halloween Costume Ideas: Candyman Sailor Boxer Brief 9557

Andrew Christian’s Naked Bandit ($23-$25)
94% Rayon, 6% Spandex; Make out like a bandit with a black mask and a pair of this limited edition brief or boxer brief. The indigo stripes offer a rebellious and mischievous look while the metallic gold waistband stands out. An added bonus is the pouch, which offers extra room in the front and a hang-free design. XS-XL.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Andrew Christian Limited Edition Boxer Brief

Calvin Klein Underwear’s Bold X-Ray Micro ($34)
83.5% Polyester, 16.5% Elastane; These limited edition low-rise trunks and boxer briefs are a ghoul’s delight. An ideal choice for a demonic ensemble, this collection features printed electromagnetic scans of skeletal hands with a black background. S-XL.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Calvin Klein Underwear’s Bold X-Ray Micro

Nasty Pig’s Long Johns ($39)
95% Cotton, 5% Spandex; These long johns are sexy enough to be worn outdoors, according to the brand, so why not wear them as part of a costume? Included with a rock star or lumberjack ensemble, these long johns, which are available in red, black and white, would look irresistible. S-XL.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Nasty Pig Long Johns Red

Candyman’s Rebel Devil Outfit ($45)
97% Nylon, 3% Spandex; The devil comes in many guises and this incarnation is one of his most sexiest looks. This three-piece outfit includes a red cape, horns and boxer brief that showcases a sizzling shade of red with patterns of flames on the sides. The boxer brief’s black elastic waistband features the brand’s logo embroidered in white. S-XL.

 Halloween Costume Ideas: CandyMan Devil Boxer Brief 9559

Supawear’s SupaMan ($20)
95% Cotton, 5% Elastane; Want to look like a superhero? Try this brief with a cape and you could live your boyhood fantasies. It features a super large Supawear logo on the elastic waistband and is offered in passion red. XS-XL.

 Halloween Costume Ideas: SupaWear Supa Man Brief Passion

Frank Dandy’s Calaveras ($59)
95% Combed Cotton, 5% Elastane; In celebration of the Day of the Dead, these long johns recognize this widely recognized Mexican holiday on November 1 and would make a great addition to any Halloween costume. The long johns showcase a pattern of skulls in different shapes and colors. S-XL.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Frank Dandy Cavalares Long John White

Candyman’s Jailer Singlet Outfit ($37)
93% Polyester, 7% Spandex; If you’re looking for a naughty adventure, this arresting singlet offers the best advertisement. Complete with toy handcuffs, the singlet features a close knitted boxer with a contour pouch and a contrasting “guilty” graphic printed on the rear. The elastic suspenders offer an ideal fit. S-XL.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Candyman Jailer Singlet 9643

Jack Adams’ Army Fly Jock Brief ($25)
90% Cotton, 10% Spandex; Halloween is an exhibitionist’s paradise and these jock briefs offer an exposed backside and color combination that would surely draw attention. This jock brief is available in orange with black piping on the pouch and leg openings. S-XL.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Jack Adams Army Fly Jock Brief Orange

Hipstripes’ Boxer Brief ($30)
95% Cotton, 5% Spandex; As the perfect choice to wear with nothing but a construction hat and work boots, these boxer briefs feature flirty graphics on the waistband. Presented in black and yellow stripes associated with traffic safety, the waistband includes a variety of messages such as “Heavy Equipment,” “Wide Load,” and “Explosives.” S-XL.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Hipstripes Boxer Brief Black

Candyman’s Cowboy Costume ($37)
93% Polyester, 7% Spandex; If you’ve ever wanted to dress up as a sexy cowboy, this boxer brief is fashionable and comfortable. Perfect with a cowboy hat and boots, it presents a soft denim finish material and beige sides. The elastic waistband and contour pouch offer ideal support. S-XL.

Halloween Costume Ideas: Candyman Cowboy Boxer Brief 9675

For more information about these brands: Andrew Christian, Calvin Klein Underwear, Candyman, Frank Dandy, Hipstripes, Jack Adams, Nasty Pig and Supawear.


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