FRIGO: The Future of Underwear?

Why does my underwear lose its shape throughout the day? And why can’t I find a pair that fits my package? Where the heck can I find underwear that allows freedom of movement and protection? RevolutionWear, the team behind FRIGO underwear, has spent the last few years perfecting underwear technology to address those exact questions and more, and you know what? They’ve found the right answers.

Protected by global patents, FRIGO is an exploration in the possibilities of men’s underwear, and not just performance underwear either. RevolutionWear has seemingly created the perfect pair of underwear appropriate for every man, every day.

“Our aim is to achieve the perfect underwear that can be worn by anyone,” Mathias Ingvarsson, CEO of RevolutionWear, told The Underwear Expert. “We’re aiming to get as close as we can to achieving perfection.” Here are four reasons why it seems they’ve created the perfect pair:

  • FRIGO’s patented signature feature, FRIGO Zone, presents the ideal solution for men looking for customized comfort. The high-tech, suspended mesh pouch features a soft-lock adjustment system, which can be fine-tuned to accommodate any sized package.
  • For every man, breathable underwear is a must and FRIGO gets it right. The pair features laser-cut vents strategically placed on the lower back of the underwear to wick away moisture. Additionally, to successfully boost thermal cooling, a cool mesh fabric was selected for the crotch and thigh areas. The pouch has a specially designed ultra light fabric blend, too, to keep you cool throughout the day where it matters most.
  • No matter how dynamic your physical activity, or how long you are sitting at a desk or on a plane, FRIGO manages to keep you comfortably in place. The pair’s leg openings use specially produced Stay4sure hem stabilizers to prevent the pair from riding up. And, the seams are lap-bonded to minimize bunching.
  • Providing superior comfort and fit, FRIGO features ergonomic placement of seams and closures. The seams are bonded in strategically placed areas to provide a flat and comfortable finish against the skin while the closures for the leg openings and crotch offer increased movement. Plus, a proprietary non-rolling waistband prevents sliding. In other words, this underwear isn’t going anywhere.

With the above in mind, it’s safe to say FRIGO has achieved, or is pretty darn close to achieving anyways, the perfect pair of underwear. “It’s not just underwear,” says Ingvarsson. “It’s a new category, and it seems to be working in every stage of life. Whether you are in the office or poker room, FRIGO is the perfect choice.”

FRIGO retails at $100; it’s available in six different sizes and two inseam lengths: six and nine inches.

For more information about this brand: FRIGO
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