Men’s Luxury Underwear: Pimp Out Your Undie Drawer

For some guys, underwear is simply about a comfortable fit. For others, it’s all about looks, and the more money a pair looks, the more it’s bound to get noticed. We’re not saying be materialistic or anything, but if the recent sales spike in men’s luxury underwear is any indication, more guys are getting blingy with their underwear than ever before.

From silky fabrics to ultra-tailored fits to solid gold accents, the standards of today’s men’s luxury underwear matches that of fashion itself, which totally makes sense. For years, guys have grown increasingly aware of style and fashion, so it’s only natural that  the same care should start applying to their underwear. Though it’s priced a little higher, the good news is, unlike most other luxury items, men’s luxury underwear won’t set you back a month’s rent, so you can feel like a high roller without playing like one.

Want to get in on the high-end undies? Pimp out your underwear drawer with our top five picks of men’s luxury underwear underwear with “bling.”

2(X)IST Gold Range
Available in a Contour Pouch Brief and No-Show Trunk, $30-$34

Nothing says “money” like the flash of gold here and there, whether it’s on a loaded money clip, grill or waistband. These trunks from the 2xist Gold Range give you that “all about the Benjamins” look a lot more comfortably than a mouth full of metal, though. The silky soft fabric is made from 96% modal, 4% spandex and feels luxuriously soft against your skin. The metallic gold accents continue with contrast stitching on the legs.

UNDER Underwear Parker Boxer Brief

UNDER Underwear‘s Parker Boxer Brief looks high-end at first glance, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. These blinged out boxer briefs sport 9ct. gold buttons that will make you look like a million bucks. Whether you actually care about the fine, 100% waffle knit fabric and impeccably-designed construction or just want to show off in a pair of fancy underwear, these will keep your bod looking first class all the way.

Etiquette Clothiers Black Label Luxury Boxer Shorts

The Etiquette Clothiers Black Label Luxury Boxers get their bling factor from a subtle, but ritzy set of mother-of-pearl buttons and top quality Sea Island cotton that’s like money Egyptian cotton for your nether regions. If you think these are just a pair of fancy boxers, though, look again. The tailored fit makes you look slimmer and trimmer since they don’t bellow out at the sides, but the real hero here is the hidden contour pouch sewn into the interior that offers extra support for the boys. Try this, and you’ll never look at boxers the same again.

Andrew Christian Almost Naked Infinity Boxer Brief
Also available in a brief, jockstrap, action boxer and thong, $16-$34

The Andrew Christian Almost Naked Infinity Boxer Brief ranks solid gold on the scale of amazing underwear. Sure, it sports a shiny gold metallic waistband that reflects so much light it virtually illuminates your skin, but the game changer here is the Almost Naked pouch, designed to provide an anatomically-correct fit that provides support, but feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. The other bonus–it gives your package a slight, yet flattering boost.

Bon Bon Bodywear Upgrade Gold Collection
Available in a brief and trunk, $37-39

The Bon Bon Bodywear Upgrade Gold Brief is what happens when sport and luxury underwear meet. Topped off with a thick gold waistband, these hot numbers are made from super high quality micro modal fabric that feels silky soft against your skin. The embroidered logo even features a hanging metal tag, so if you’re a guy who likes to show off his labels, these are a perfect fit for you.

For more information on these brands: 2xist, Andrew Christian, Bon Bon Bodywear, Etiquette Clothiers, Under Underwear

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