Disney Prince Underwear Models

Disney Prince Underwear Models Image

Whether or not you’re willing to admit it, you must have had a crush on at least one Disney prince or princess as a child. Hell, some of us still do! And if you think you don’t, or can’t remember, this gallery by David Kawena of Disney prince underwear models will be sure to jog your memory, at least if you’re crushin’ on royalty.  The gallery features all the classic, and some of the newer Disney princes we all know and love, but with one little twist: they’re all underwear models! We’ve got to hand it to David Kawena; for animated characters, these are some pretty sexy men. Since all the men are cartoons, and created to be flawless, it’s no surprise that they’re all handsome devils. From Tarzan to Hercules to Peter Pan these underwear model princes have it going on. Next thing you know, you’ll  be falling for villains like Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast!

Check out the gallery below of the Disney prince underwear models by David Kawena, and let us know which prince is your fave!

Photo Credit: David Kawena



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