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Coming to you from Russia with love, Den Wok recently posed in this golden series wearing Addicted underwear. The 23 year old model, who is originally from Moscow, has the icy eyes of a northerner and the powerful frame of cinematic gladiator. In this new set of images, he wears (and removes) Addicted briefs and jockstraps, showing off his muscular physique. Den Wok in Addicted is a great way for the brand to display its newest collection and a chance to show off Wok, who while new to the modeling scene has quickly gained a much deserved following.

The Spanish brand has typically used larger, stronger models with impressive bodies in its campaigns. Addicted’s spring/summer campaign, for example, featured Adam Fletcher, Bruno Rodriguez and Dmitry in a sun-bleached series that left nothing to be desired for those who appreciate muscles. The same could be easily said for Den Wok in Addicted, as his enormous chest and arms are literally glistening.

In this new gallery, Wok bends and leans either wearing or holding the new underwear offerings. He poses against a gold plated wall and waving plastic sheet. Between the model and the underwear, we’re definitely excited about Addicted’s new lines.

Check out the photos below and let us know if you think Den Wok does the job.

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Den Wok in Addicted 5


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Den Wok in Addicted 3


Den Wok in Addicted 2


Den Wok in Addicted 1

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