Croota’s Pattern Breaker Bikini

Croota Pattern Breaker Bikini Brief ICON

Croota Pattern Breaker Bikini BriefThe Underwear Expert Opinion: Croota’s Pattern Breaker Bikini rode the Australian waves all the way to the states with its stylish design, color and pattern, and even took some of Australia with it! Inspired by the stars of the Australian flag, Croota’s Pattern Breaker Bikini rocks a sexy and striking design, matched by a super-comfortable and form flattering fit. These Aussie briefs are certainly intended for a fun night out, and give you all the comfort and range of motion you could ever need.

The Design: Croota’s Pattern Breaker Bikini takes its eye-catching design from the stars of the Australian flag, which pops against the dark purple. This shade of purple is deep and rich, complementing any skin tone. Additionally, Croota takes its stylish ingenuity to the next level with a partial and breaking silver satin logo on the elastic waistband, which only adds more to this already flashy and sexy bikini brief. With its use of the Australian symbol, this brief is truly a unique choice of underwear, and certainly a choice to feel sexy in.

The Fit: With its low-rise cut, Croota’s Pattern Breaker Bikini fits beautifully and shows off your figure while the bikini pouch still gives you room to breathe where you need it most. This bikini brief rises high on the leg to provide full range of motion but never sacrifices the comfort provided by the spacious front pouch. Croota’s Pattern Breaker Bikini seems to fit perfectly at every end including its stylish waistband, which fits nicely around the hips. This bikini brief is a great choice for a fun night out. And with true Australian style in your pants, what could be a better conversation starter?

The Basics:

STYLE: Bikini Brief
BOTTOMS: Bikini Brief, Boxer Brief
COLORS: Purple, Black
FUNCTION: Going Out, Everyday
FIT: True to Size
FABRIC: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

The Man

WAIST: 32”
WORN: Medium, Croota’s Pattern Breaker Bikini, Purple

For more information about this brand: Croota



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