Colby Melvin’s Date Night

Andrew Christian has taken a brief foray into reality television with a recorded and only lightly pre-scripted date night between two of its models, Colby Melvin and Brandon Robert Brown, aka ColBrandon.

Seen kissing in Jock Strap Cowboys and at Andrew Christian press events, the boys have had a tangible connection for some time. Brandon Robert Brown even mentioned Colby was his “Best Man” in an exclusive interview in which we asked Brandon to give us his Best and Worst on certain topics.

In the video, you see the boys having a romantic evening “under the stars” before something happens that could potentially put a big ol’ damper on the boys’ time together.. We won’t ruin the surprise for you, but we will say this: there’s a major cliff hanger!

How does this relate to men’s underwear, you ask? Video marketing is a huge component of the men’s underwear industry’s current marketing practices. They get millions of views, tons of shares, and are a perfect way to hook long term fans. But this video is more reality television than anything. Will giving an in-depth glimpse like this into their models lives have a negative or positive effect on their long-term marketing goals? Only time will tell, but we here at The Underwear Expert hope for a fully fleshed out reality television show! Watch below!

For more information about this brand: Andrew Christian


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