Colby Melvin Splatters

Colby Melvin Paint Image

Colby Melvin looks good in a jockstrap and he looks pretty good in a dripping wet tee, too, so it’ll be no surprise that the Andrew Christian underwear model looks awesome splattered in paint. In “Splatter,” a colorful and fun new series photographed exclusively for The Underwear Expert, Los Angeles based photographer Gabriel Gastelum shoots the up and coming underwear model getting down and dirty with Spencer Lane.

“The paint idea actually came from an engagement shoot I did,” Gastelum told The Underwear Expert.”The couple had such a great time, I figured it would be cool to see where models take it half naked.” Kudos to you for figuring it would be cool, Gabriel, because these shots are priceless. The photos, which feature Colby and Spencer playing in Andrew Christian underwear and getting messy painting each other with water based paint, were shot in natural light and capture Melvin’s captivating eyes and the boys’ awesome physiques.

“The boys had a great time,” Gastelum said. “I told them to pretend they were in preschool with buckets of paint.” Colby agreed: “It sort of reminded me of kindergarten…but with less clothes.” Sounds fun to us!

Of the phoot shoot clean up, Gastelum told us: “It sucked,” but adds, “it was worth it.” Was the clean-up documented, Gabriel? Was a hose involved? One can only hope. One can also hope you’ll photograph the clean-up next time!

Check out these awesome photos from Gabriel Gastelum of Colby Melvin and Spencer Lane. Do the boys make you wanna get splattered?

For more information about this brand: Andrew Christian Underwear

For more information about Gabriel Gastelum Photography, check out his Facebook page.


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  1. William says:

    Where’s Quinn ?? The Andrew Christian ads just aren’t the same without him. Now its just airbrushed twinks like every other brand

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