[VIDEO] Colby Melvin: Coming Out

Andrew Christian’s golden boy, Colby Melvin, has a special message in honor of National Coming Out Day, an internationally respected civil awareness day that celebrates individuals who identify as bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender. We’re happy to present his special video message here, and hope you’ll take the time to watch it below. Read more about Colby’s LGBT (and political) activism after the video.

Both LGBT and political issues are important to Colby. He’s long spoken out about LGBT issues, and recently co-produced the most viral video of this election season. He’s slated to present the video later this month at the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club’s Pre-Election Reception in New York. The video, from Full Frontal Freedom, has gone viral ten times over since being released August 20; at this point it has more than 3 million views. It’s a parody of One Direction’s hit song, “What Makes You Beautiful,” and is not to be missed. Full Frontal Freedom was launched in the spring of 2012 as “a campaign to raise awareness and engage the community and our allies in political discussions,” Conor Gaughan, Full Frontal Freedom’s founder recently told The Underwear Expert.

Colby’s message is of acceptance and courage, friendship and trust; an important message indeed. And coming from a guy that’s come so far in so little time, it’s especially topical. Being gay behind closed doors is fine if that’s what you need, but being who you are and proud of it isn’t just about opening one door — it’s about opening door, after door, after door because when you’re your true self, anything is possible. Take it from a guy who has four professions (underwear model, go-go dancer, activist and goofball — that counts, right?). We here at The Underwear Expert are honored to present Colby Melvin: Coming Out, produced by Hawk the World Productions, and hope you enjoyed it.

Happy National Coming Out Day,

Colby Melvin & The Underwear Expert

PS: Check back Friday AM for exclusive photos of Colby from Gabriel Gastelum. Check out the teasers here.





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