BRIEF DEBRIEF: Shaun from Los Angeles

Name: Shaun

Age: 25

Occupation: A musician of “every” instrument (but mostly the drums)

Residence: Los Angeles, California

Spotted: Driggs Ave and North 6th Street in Brooklyn, New York

Relationship Status: “Taken… but not married!”

Self proclaimed style: When we asked Shaun for a personal description of his style, his friend walking with him quickly chimed in “Minnesota chic!”

What brand / style he’s wearing: Champion boxer briefs.

Why he put it on this morning: “I lost all my clothes except for like, two pairs of underwear…”

Favorite style: Boxer briefs; “They keep me… uh… securely fastened.”

Favorite brand: Shaun told us he’s never given specific underwear brands much thought, but that “it’s just good to have underwear!”

Expert words to live by: “Keep it cozy!”


0 thoughts on “BRIEF DEBRIEF: Shaun from Los Angeles

  1. Lisa says:

    Cute boxers, nice band. I prefer men with more of a fuller body, but this one is interesting because he’s got a fun attitude.

    I love men with nice underwear.


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