Björn Borg’s Candy Store is Sweet

Renowned underwear brand Björn Borg recently opened another location, and it’s a little more sweet than the rest. The Swedish brand has openend a new concept store in England, Björn Borg’s Candy Store. Björn Borg’s latest retail outlet sells something much sweeter than your average candy bar or lollipop, however. They sell (that’s right, you’ve guessed it) men’s underwear!

Björn Borg’s Candy Store utilizes a kiosk design, which almost functions as a sort of underwear-island. The island style of the candy store is designed to be more inviting and accessible to costumers, bringing the underwear to them without having requiring going into a  specific store.

Arthur Engel, CEO of Björn Borg and creator of the Björn Borg’s Candy Store commented, “This type of store reflects our brand exceptionally well and makes our lines of underwear more accessible to the customer.”

The Swedish brand, named after their famous, native tennis player, has been busy the past month releasing plenty of new products. Björn Borg’s Candy Store seems like a promising way for their sweet products to be shown off in an equally sweet store. After all, what sounds better than a candy store where you can spend all day shopping, and not gain a single pound after? We thought so too…

Bjorn Borg Store


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