Andrew Christian Underwear Models: Bus Booty

If you saw Andrew Christian’s Road Trip Part 1, you know for a fact that Andrew Christian underwear models have just as much fun as you think they do, especially when you put them on a party bus in their underwear. The video, which was just a tad too scandalous for us to post, captured the models taking a bus down to Rich’s, a club in San Diego, and all the shenanigans that went down along the way. We’re talking about four minutes of pole dancing, here, and roughhousing.. biting.. kissing.. jiggling.. you get the point.

Andrew Christian underwear models Colby Melvin, Brandon Robert Brown, and Quinn Jaxon, were among the boys on the bus and are featured in both Andrew Christian’s Road Trip Parts 1 & 2. In Andrew Christian Road Trip Part 2, the boys pillow fight, bathe together, and once again make you believe that Andrew Christian underwear is what you need to be wearing to have a good time. Obviously.

Check out the video below – would you hop on a booze bus with Andrew Christian underwear models?

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0 thoughts on “Andrew Christian Underwear Models: Bus Booty

  1. william says:

    colby melvin, is soooooo ADORABLELY cute!!!!!! those blue eyes , and that cute smile!

    He can eat crackers in my bed, ANYTIME!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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