Who Wore Baskit Better?

Alex Zimnitsa in Baskit Underwear

Baskit is one of today’s hottest men’s underwear brands, and for good reason–every style embodies the perfect balance of looks and comfort, producing a wide range of styles, from jockstrap to boxer brief and everything in between. We recently featured two photo shoots of models in Baskit underwear, one that featured model Brandon Levinsky on the sporty end of the spectrum and the another guy in Baskit serving up a more casual, everyday appeal. Who wore Baskit better? We’re leaving it up to you to decide.

Below we have new model Brandon Levinsky rocking a Baskit Underwear jockstrap and posing with an, “I just won the game” snarl, muscles rippling, his pouty “come hither” expression toughened up by a tattoo on his left side. It’s the “hot dude in a jockstrap” photo that makes us want to buy jockstraps and dream that we’ll look that great in them, too.

Here, we have a handsome, more laid back approach to hanging out in your undies. The unnamed model chills out in bed, sporting a pair of Baskit boxer briefs from the colorful Contrast collection. As far as reality goes, this is the more believable portrayal of what we’d look like in a pair of Baskit underwear.

So when it comes to both of these guys wearing Baskit underwear, who do you think wore it better?

For more information about this brand: Baskit


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