Undz Mocks David Beckham, H&M

Chances are that if you frequent The Underwear Expert, then you’re familiar with the David Beckham Bodywear for H&M photo campaign. H&M and David Beckham have created a successful partnership; the underwear is good and people generally like the ads.

This didn’t stop Canadian underwear brand Undz from poking a little bit of fun at the celebrity-athlete-model-designer. In a brand new series of ads, Undz makes fun of Beckham by using a lookalike model shot in a similar manner and using the same font as the famous H&M logo for the brand name. This time, however, the images have “douche, metrosexual, and womanizer” stamped over the photo. Fake Beckham is wearing boxer briefs from the John and Fidel underwear collection 2012.

Bertrand Dore of Undz said that the photos were “honestly just for the sake of teasing,” and, “We love the H&M campaign.”

“We want clients and anyone to feel they can expect anything from Undz. Even if we are bigger with a bigger audience, we do not want to tone it down,” Dore continued.

Beckham has been faced with the various criticisms and labels that go along with celebrity status for much of his adult life. The term “metrosexual” was coined by journalist Mark Simpson who went on to claim that Beckham was the ultimate example. Few, however, have seriously claimed that the soccer superstar is a womanizer. Beckham has, of course, been married for almost 15 years.

When asked if Beckham would have a good sense of humor about the ads, Dore responded, “For sure, it is David Beckham…they [have written] awful stuff about him day and night throughout the world. He [must] have rough skin by now.”

What do you think of this campaign?

For more information about this brand: Undz

David Beckham Underwear Spoof 1

David Beckham Underwear Spoof 2



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