The Blonds Go Under the Sea

With New York Fashion Week already last month’s news, only a few shows still linger in our minds. After all, the typical show is, on average, only eight minutes long. But one show that still has our retinas flashing is the rhinestone-encrusted parade that was The Blonds Spring 2013 collection, if for no other reason than making us say, “Wow,” with each passing model.

For those of you not familiar with The Blonds, they are a New York-based ultra-glamorous design duo–David and Philippe Blond–known for sending their models down the runways dressed in this:

That, by the way is Phillipe Blond himself, wielding a fierceness that is a formidable match for the voracious shark mouth depicted in crystals on his bustier. With looks like this, it’s no wonder The Blonds have worked their rock ‘n’ roll glamor designing one-of-a-kind show pieces for the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Britney Spears.

We love The Blonds for one simple reason: it’s so much more interesting than most of the other collections we see during fashion week. Instead of a parade of shirts and pants–aka stuff we actually wear–The Blonds show is like a walking museum exhibit of hardcore costumes, stuff that says, “look, but don’t touch.” This year, there was a glammed-up “under the sea” theme, featuring guys in bikinis with lipstick appliques suggestively placed over the pouch, girls in a variety of ocean-inspired bustiers covered with rhinestones, metal stars, oversized diamonds and the signature spikes that give every look from The Blonds a certain rock ‘n roll edge. Guys wore necklaces made from shark jaws and huge pearls that look like they came from oysters as big as cars. Keep a look out for a few famous faces, like 2xist model Andre Ziehe.

If we could distill any core concept from this show, it would be this: an undersea legion of Barbie-esque mermaids and mermen who work a makeup counter amid a rich coral reef somewhere in tropical waters. Instead of trying to picture what that actually looks like, check out our gallery of favorite looks:

Photo credits: Homotography


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