Rufskin Swimwear Releases Ruf Rod

Rufskin Swimwear Ruf Rod Sunga Collection

Rufskin swimwear, in collaboration with Brazilian model Rodiney Santiago, introduces its new line of swimwear, Ruf Rod. Currently available, this sunga-inspired showcases a variety of sexy cuts and colors.

The Rufskin swimwear Ruf Rod collection features solid color blocks, mesh and patterns with a color palette chosen by Santiago and Hubert Pouches, creative designer for Rufskin swimwear.

“The Ruf Rod collection is a collaboration of ideas and designs influenced by what is commonly worn on guys in Brazil,” Douglas Coates, co-owner of Rufskin swimwear, told The Underwear Expert. “The sunga is cut and worn with detail by Brazilians. It is a newer style for the Americans and Europeans but still emits a sexy and practical look and feel for the wearers.”

The Ruf Rod sungas are named after popular beaches in Brazil such as Angra, Lagoa and Busios and are produced from unique fabric blends. Made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex, the Angra and Buzios sungas ($58) come with an elastic drawstring cord and contrasting side stripes. The Araial sunga ($58) is made from 46% polyester, 45% nylon and 9% spandex and features the brand’s logo on the front. Produced from 80% nylon and 20% spandex, the Brasrod sunga ($54) features the Ruf Rod logo in the colors of the Brazilian flag. The collection also includes Trancoso ($58), a vintage style tank top.

“When Brazilians put them on, they can spend many minutes throughout the course of the day adjusting to achieve the perfect look,” Coates said. “Our goal is to create the perfect fit to enhance and advertise your junk and showcase your assets. It could be classified as an art. Sungas are flat in the front and worn loosely on the waist and tighter on the legs.”

The range is available in S-L.

Last July, The Underwear Expert provided exclusive coverage of the Ruf Rod launch party held in New York City, in which industry leaders and models such as Pablo Hernandez were in attendance.

For more information about this brand: Rufskin Swimwear

Rufskin Swimwear Ruf Rod Sunga Collection

Rufskin Swimwear Ruf Rod Sunga CollectionRufskin Swimwear Ruf Rod Sunga Collection




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