Retro Greece: Modus Vivendi Underwear Video

Modus Vivendi underwear released a new behind the scenes video for their new advertising campaign. The video, called Retro Greece, shows the Modus Vivendi underwear models posing, lifting, farming, and reenacting classic scenes from Greek mythology. For example, we see one model bound to a mountain just as the Titan god Prometheus was as punishment for giving fire to humanity.

Heavily influenced by Greek mythology, Modus Vivendi underwear is often risqué. The brand’s Pan fetish line is named for the Greek trickster god: a half man, half goat, master seducer that teaches shepherds how to masturbate. In Retro Greece, we see some of those ancient, sexual influences coming back with various hellenistic fetish pieces.We even get a glimpse of a Modus Vivendi underwear blue singlet, worn by a model posing as a Greek house painter.

Check out the video below and let us know which pair you like best.


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0 thoughts on “Retro Greece: Modus Vivendi Underwear Video

  1. Jay says:

    I liked pretty much everything in here, although I could never pull off that singlet lol. Also, that corset thing? Like something I’d expect to see in some “avant garde” photograph in a gallery maybe or part of some burlesque costume, nothing anybody would feasibly wear as a part of usual wardrobe (I hope that’s what they were going for anyway)

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