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Quinn Jaxon Featured

Quinn Jaxon is one of those models that you remember after seeing once. Andrew Christian’s knack for picking talented new faces is evidenced most recently by Jaxon’s rising popularity. The Underwear Expert had the opportunity to talk with Quinn Jaxon about his work for Andrew Christian, life as a go-go dancer, and being a straight underwear model recentl. What’s especially interesting about Jaxon is that he continues a trend of using “real guys” in underwear advertising rather than models that are seen by many to be too photoshopped, sculpted, etc.

That being said, there is no doubt that Quinn Jaxon is incredibly good at what he does. He might come off as a “real” person in Andrew Christian’s ads, but he’s still known for a couple extraordinary features. Take a look at the shots below of him in a jock, for example, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

You’ve seen his jock strap work before in that tractor photo that caught everyone’s attention back in June. Nevertheless we’ve never seen Quinn Jaxon quite so close or uncovered as in the fantastic series below. Does it make a case for the jock? We sure think so.

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