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Quinn Jaxon, the straight, often scruffy and superhandsome Andrew Christian underwear model, is a prime example of the men’s underwear industry’s steady move to include real men in underwear marketing campaigns. This isn’t to say that he, or others like him, are average looking–not at all–they’re just not Ken-doll wannabe’s that leave you feeling out of shape and short. Andrew Christian has caught on, and many others are following suit, producing a new class of underwear models who, like Quinn, are more easily accessible to the public and, in turn, more popular.

Quinn is a popular underwear model indeed, and definitely one of Andrew Christian’s favorites, but he’s had a cult following basically since his first photos hit the web (the first photos of Jaxon to go viral were nude, by the way, and enlightening, to say the least). As to be expected, the North Dakota transplant was embraced with open arms into the expansive world of sexy men in underwear.

The 23-year-old is more than just a pretty face and attractive package. He’s a professionally trained dancer and popular go-go dancer; he’s dabbled in massage therapy training, worked on a cruise ship, is training to be a stuntman and has even briefly tip-toed into porn [he’s since retired]. In this exclusive interview, the popular model who’s “just a nerd,” he confides in us, opens up about his fans, his take on nude modeling, his recent engagement and more.

The Underwear Expert: Thanks for chatting, Quinn! First off, the Andrew Christian “Jock Strap Cowboys” photos of you on the tractor in your jockstrap—they’re amazing.

Quinn Jaxon: I grew up in North Dakota–every boy up there loves playing on tractors, you know? They’re some of my favorite photos ever.

The Underwear Expert: So you’re a country boy at heart, then? When did you move to the Golden State?

Quinn: I originally moved to LA from Minot, North Dakota a little over two years ago. I moved here for a dancing scholarship program that I had at The Edge Performing Arts Center; the original reason I moved to LA was to become a professional dancer in music videos, commercials, performances like that.

The Underwear Expert: And how did you end up becoming one of the Andrew Christian underwear boys?

Quinn: Two people that work in the office were at Here Lounge one night when I was go-go dancing; they both gave me a business card and I pretty much just followed up with them and sent them photos from photo shoots I had done in underwear. January of this year they called me for the very first car wash video they did. That was my first experience with the brand and meeting Andrew, and then it just took off from there. They called me for more videos and I was doing like one or two videos every month and then I did a couple photo shoots with them and it just kind of like blew up from there.

The Underwear Expert: What’s your favorite video so far, and how is being an Andrew Christian underwear model in general?

Quinn: I think my favorite Andrew Christian video so far is the S&M video, actually. They hired Paul Wagner, so for the whole video I’m with this big burly guy, and then there’s a scene that I get to ride him like a horse. I thought it was so funny. I was like, “That’s right!” It’s probably the funniest thing I’ve done on set so far.  And on being an Andrew Christian model: everything’s just kind of going really well. The publicity is awesome and that helps me out. It’s great!

The Underwear Expert: And I’m sure you get tons of free underwear.

Quinn: I never buy underwear! All the underwear I have is from doing different promotions and stuff, you know? Other go-go boys give me stuff that they don’t wear anymore and stuff, too.

The Underwear Expert: Oh, right! You’re a go-go dancer, too. What kind of underwear do you wear when you dance?

Quinn: For underwear, for go-go dancing, I would definitely say Andrew Christian just because they accent a lot in certain areas and in some pieces they’ll have the pocket that you can put your junk in [Quinn is referencing Andrew Christian’s Show-It Technology] They have a wide variety of different colors, designs and shapes and stuff, too, which is nice.

The Underwear Expert: What do you wear all day?

Quinn: I like a decent pair of boxer briefs to walk around in all day. Yeah, like boxers or a loose pair of boxer briefs. I’m not much of a tighty whitey fan. Until I started go-go dancing all I use to wear were boxer briefs that were loose fitted. I like a nice swing…

The Underwear Expert: You can’t always wear loose-fitting underwear, though. What about when you wear tight pants?

Quinn: Oh, I also really like wearing jockstraps. Usually if I’m wearing a pair of skinny jeans and I have to keep things under control, I’ll wear one. Andrew Christian has some nice ones I like to wear that are really comfortable. If it’s a loose-fitting jock and it’s not riding up your ass the whole night or like crushing your balls, I’ll wear it.

Check out these photos–many of which you’ll be seeing for the first time–and then read more about Quinn after the jump. Find out about this Grindr copycats, engagement and what it’s like to be a straight guy with gay fans.

The Underwear Expert: So in my research, I happened to come across four different Facebook profiles for you. I don’t imagine they’re all yours, right?

Quinn: My friend and I have been talking about that recently, actually. I have one Facebook profile and one fan page. The other ones are all false. Funny story: I was on Facebook the other day and it recommended some friends for me to request. One of the people that was suggested had one of my pictures as his profile pic. I was like “What the hell!” Also, I have friends back home that are like, “Hey, are you back in town, because my Grindr says you’re at the bar I’m at.” I’m like, “I don’t have a Grindr account, man, are you serious?!”

I have a lot of photos online from all the photo shoots I do and I have a lot of nude photos online so it’s easy to find the photos and it’s easy to copy and paste ‘em. People go overboard, though. Even the other day a guy added me on Facebook and he had my picture as his profile picture, so I messaged him and was like “Dude, you can’t. Like, change your profile photo.” It’s flattering in a way, but at the same time also a little bit creepy.

The Underwear Expert: Speaking of nude photos..

Quinn: I like doing nude modeling. Nude modeling for me feels Roman, like very Greek god-like. I love it.

The Underwear Expert: So, much to the dislike of your gay fans, who I’m sure would rather just pretend you’re gay, tell me about getting engaged to your girlfriend.

Quinn: We were originally engaged about two and a half years ago and then I called it off, and then I asked her again on June 24 of this year. We worked on a cruise ship together and that’s where we met but as it got closer to the actual date— last October 7 was our wedding date—I got cold feet, you know. It was coming close and I was only 22 years old at the time. I was like, “Am I sure I want to do this?” At the same time, she’s Canadian so the process for us to get married was a lot because she can’t work for 90 days after we get married because of the Visa process. I literally wouldn’t have been able to support the two of us, so there were a lot of different financial factors, and I didn’t really wanna tie myself down either.

The Underwear Expert: Was she pissed?

Quinn: She was pissed off at me because I called it off, and I did it in a horrible way. But, we still knew that we loved each other and we always knew there was a chance that we would get back together.

The Underwear Expert: And then..?Quinn Jaxon Underwear

Quinn: When I asked her this last time I hadn’t seen her in almost eight months and I was going to see her at this family event she invited me to. The day before I saw her I talked to my family about it and went out and bought her a ring and the next day asked her. It was very random and sporadic–I had no idea what was going on my head. The fact that I did it twice, though, has to mean something!

The Underwear Expert: First the worst second the best, right? Well, congrats. Despite being straight, you still have tons and tons of gay fans. What’s that like?

Quinn: So, I was at Southern Decadence in New Orleans this weekend and people came up to me and were like “I just bought some of your underwear!” and I’m like “Holy Crap!” I had a couple in the airport who were from Washington D.C. come up to me recently, too, and they were like “Hey, you’re that Andrew Christian underwear model” and I was like “…What’s going on?” I do feel like I’m getting my name out there. I have fans that buy my underwear and Facebook me that are from Paris, New Zealand, Australia and even China and the Philippines. I have photographers that want to work with me out there as well so like yeah, I almost feel like a celebrity sometimes and it’s great–I’m just not getting paid like one yet!

The Underwear Expert: And what’s it like being involved with gay-oriented marketing campaigns as a straight guy?

Quinn: Andrew Christian definitely has mostly gay-oriented marketing, but even my go-go dancing is very gay-oriented. You know, you have to definitely know your boundaries and stuff. A lot of dancers I know, they show a lot of stuff, they do lap dances and stuff–I don’t do any of that, but I am a performer. I go-go dance because I like the fact that I can go on stage and freestyle, like I can do what I want. Of course every now and then you get into it and your shakin’ your butt and your dick flops around a little bit, but you gotta know who you are. I’m very comfortable with myself being that I grew up as a dancer. I’ve been dancing for 10 years now, so I grew up in the gay community of dancers.

The Underwear Expert: So you must have a lot of gay friends then, too?

Quinn: I’m very comfortable with gay people; I actually prefer hanging out with gay guys than straight guys because they’re more entertaining, they’re more fun—they’re more outgoing. Gay men are usually so comfortable with themselves and they’re not trying to be all muscle headed like “Oh man, get off my girl!” and that shit. Plus, gay guys just wanna party all the time! It’s just less dramatic to hang out with them. It’s a funny thing to say that gays are less dramatic, but it’s true.

The Underwear Expert: I’m sure some gay guys still try to get with you, though.

Quinn Jaxon Underwear 13Quinn: Yeah, it’s funny getting those guys who are like “Oh, how much? I bet if I give you this you’ll do this,” but I’m like, “Yeah, you can try all you want but it’s not gonna happen, buddy.” I’ve been offered some large sums..

The Underwear Expert: I read somewhere you filmed a segment for RuPaul’s Drag Race? What was that like? Did you meet RuPaul?

Quinn: I can only say a little but due to the fact that it’s a reality TV project. The episode that I was on is going to be aired in January. It was an Andrew Christian episode, so a lot of the Andrew Christian underwear models and boys were there. It was my first experience on set like that; it was really cool and really entertaining. I didn’t have any lines or anything, but, you know, I’m not really much of an actor. And, I did get to meet RuPaul. She was awesome and wonderful. She’s really tall!

The Underwear Expert: Thanks for talking to me, Quinn. In closing, I’m sure our readers would love to know how to fill out a pair of underwear the way you do.

Quinn: I tell this to every go-go dancer that asks me how to get a better ass–and I say this at least three times a week: get your ass into a beginner’s ballet class two times a week. Not even joking, that’s all you need. One hour, and your butt will grow like that. I don’t even do leg work-outs–all my butt exercises come from ballet class.

The Underwear Expert: I have a feeling a lot of guys will be registering for ballet class tomorrow.

Quinn: Let’s hope so because some of the go-go dancers out here need to learn some rhythm.

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  1. Brandon Groenen says:

    I think he’s a cool guy. It’s nice to know i’m not the only one who thinks the way he does, however he can do more than I such as dancing.
    I can only break dance. 😛
    I would like to pick his brain, he seems like an awesome guy to hang with.

    Funny thing is, some of my friends are Go-Go Dancers. They asked me to join once in a while, however I always declined.
    It’s not my scene of work. In stead, I sell shoes. haha

  2. Ode says:

    I believe him, ballet dancers have huge butts.

    I like seeing him shaved, he looks amazing with a beard but it’s nice seeing him clean shaven. He’s got this boy next door cute factor, mixed in with this naughty exhibitionist attitude.

    It’s weird but i wish Andrew Christian never found him. I mean i know he’s had great success, but he started off doing jack-off porn, and who knows he might have gotten into hardcore stuff, but his modeling career took off, and no more porn. 🙁

    • wizbang_fl says:

      That’s where I first ran across him as well was in a JO video. At the same time I’m glad he’s straight and sad he’s straight. Glad because hopefully some of the straight guys that try to go to gay clubs will get a clue on how we view women and sad because I’m always rooting for the home team…. 😛

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