Papi Debuts Mineral Wash Collection

Papi Mineral Wash Boxer Brief Blue

Papi introduces a new vintage inspired collection. The new range, Mineral Wash, underwent a unique fabric softening process to achieve a hip, worn-out appearance. The brand’s mineral wash process partially removes color from the fabric resulting in a vintage-inspired look, too. The collection hits stores late September in three faded colors: geisha red, black and blue swept.

“During the mineral wash process, some of the colors are removed,” Lucio De Carvalho, vice president of design for Papi, told The Underwear Expert. “Therefore we start out with really bright, vivid colors that gently get washed away, but in the end Papi still gets the intensity of the color in a softer look.”

The Mineral Wash range signifies a major accomplishment for Papi. The brand tested the mineral wash technique a few years ago despite concerns over consumer reaction. However, the limited edition Vintage collection of T-shirts, sleep pants and shorts, “flew off the shelves and everyone loved how they felt and looked,” said De Carvalho.

Now, Papi reapplies the mineral wash process that worked successfully in the past on an exciting range of men’s underwear. The Mineral Wash collection consists of a boxer brief ($26), Brazilian trunk ($26) and V-neck T-shirt ($30); it’s available in S-XL. De Carvalho added, “We are always looking for ways to innovate underwear with fabric finishing, different yarns and blends and any new developments that we can get our hands on. We pride ourselves on being a very pro-active brand that is ahead of the game with new ideas.”

As opposed to other clothing lines that attempt to replicate the faded look of vintage-style apparel, the Mineral Wash range retains a warm, cozy look. “It takes time to learn and play with this process in order to get the right colors,” said De Carvalho. “You can start out with a black garment and end up with a brown piece. At this point, we have done it so much that we have it down and we can predict what we are getting once the wash is finished.”

Providing lasting comfort, the Mineral Wash collection’s fabric blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex is highly durable, stretchable and breathable. Additionally, the combination of cotton and spandex offers a soft feel against the skin. “If you are sitting in the office, driving or being out and about, you want to feel comfortable, but not constricted,” said De Carvalho. The collection also features a body contouring design offering a flawless fit as well as sex appeal and flexibility. The contour pouch is perfectly fitted and molds perfectly to the your form.

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