Parke & Ronen Dresses Up Swim

New York Fashion Week came and went as it usually does, dazzling us with runway show after high power, runway show leaving us yearning, open-mouthed for clothes we can’t have until March of next year. While most of the shows that make up fashion week primarily focus on the stuff we wear on the outside, we were captivated by the Parke & Ronen runway show, rife with the brand’s usual lineup of preppy, ultra tailored swimwear in body flattering silhouettes–Parke & Ronen has a knack for always getting sexy right. Regardless of the style, their swimwear always looks like it was made for the body that wears it. Even board shorts: instead of being their usual baggy selves theirs trace the body in sleek, flattering lines. The stylist of this show brought the brand’s iconic swimwear to a whole new level by styling it with their line of equally amazing ready to wear clothing. From preppy knit varsity sweaters to fitted jackets to lightweight cashmere cardigans and beachy mesh shirts, Parke & Ronen emerged as more than just purveyors of amazing swimwear. This is the stuff well-dressed dreams are made of.

Check out the slideshow to see our faves.


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